in memory of Bonnie Rose-the-inspiration-behind-the purple-wishing-gateAfter my 12 year old daughter, Bonnie Rose, passed away from cancer, "The Purple Wishing Gate" came to me in a dream. I imagined her standing behind a beautiful purple gate in what appeared to be a heavenly garden. It would be just like her to find a purple gate...  it was her favorite color!

In the dream, I watched her as she greeted people at the gate, but she wouldn't let them in. Instead, she listened to their "wishes," wrote them on little pieces of paper, then ran off to give them to God. She was very busy, very happy and very important in her new position in Heaven, helping people turn to God for what they need!

Thus, "The Purple Wishing Gate"  was born...
"Where wishes made are turned to prayer, so God can keep them in His care!"

In her loving memory, I donate 10% of all proceeds to help children with cancer, so thank you for your order!