Embrace a Fresh Start – Get Organized in 2019 with The Purple Wishing Gate

by Barbara MacAdam January 16, 2019 4 min read

Embrace a Fresh Start – Get Organized in 2019 with The Purple Wishing Gate

I find that the older I get, the more I love January because it’s my chance to “start all over again!”  To reinvent myself if I wish. Get rid of all those old clothes I haven’t worn in years, toss the dozens of kitchen gadgets I keep saving for whenever, and organize my calendar once and for all.  After researching these tactics, here’s what I’ve learned – I hope it’ll help.

1) DE-CLUTTER & PURGE – one of the most cathartic things you can do is to clear out the clutter around you.  Aside from the obvious feeling of being in control and bringing order to your surroundings, it has a similar effect on your psyche. Most people hold on to things much longer than needed and have the constant stress of knowing they “should” get rid of things, but it can seem too overwhelming, with no clear place to start. If you’ve grown an emotional attachment to some things, you’ll feel better donating them to a homeless shelter or Veteran's organization. The thought of “giving them a good home” can take the sting and guilt out of simply throwing them away!  Here are a few items to get you started:

  • PAPER: Old magazines, expired coupons, wrapping paper (save 1 or 2 generic designs for all occasions), plastic & paper bags (they’ll accumulate again fast), take-out menus (order online), books (that didn’t thrill you, or haven’t referenced in 3 years).
  • PERSONAL ITEMS: Expired make-up (every 3 months); medications (follow guidelines); clothes (only keep the ones that give you that “special feeling,” and don’t wait until you “loose that weight.” Plan to buy new ones – it’s a great incentive; accessories you haven’t worn in over a year (you know you really don’t like them); single earrings (in case you find the other one).
  • DUPLICATE ITEMS: Kitchen utensils (keep the ones you always reach for); home office supplies (pens, scissors, etc.); linens (don’t keep just in case, even after you’ve changed your décor); multiple china sets (toss the ones w/ metal that can’t be used in the microwave).
  • UNUSABLE THINGS: Broken items (you’ve been meaning to repair); chipped glasses, dishes & mugs; old stained extra linens; DVD’s you haven’t watched in years; expired pantry items (canned goods, spices); refills for things you no longer have (regular bulbs after you switch to LED), coffee filters (for an old pot), toothbrush heads (for old electric brushes you no longer use).
  • SENTIMENTAL ITEMS: Hand-me-downs… clothes (out of style); broken or ugly jewelry; nick-knacks, dishes, centerpieces, furniture that really doesn’t match your décor, but your loved-one wants you to “keep it in the family!” You can either make a convincing case that there are folks out there in much dier need of the item than you, who will be blessed by it. Or keep just those highly personal items, like a Baby Blessing Keepsake you received for your daughter's Baptism.

Some experts say you should purge your home ROOM BY ROOM, because it’s easier to take a break after each room and still feel a sense of accomplishment. Try this… Remove everything from drawers, cabinets, shelves (clean while they’re empty if you want, but don’t get distracted from the main goal); sort & box (items to keep in that room) (things that go in other rooms); trash; or donate (sell if you have the energy).

DONATIONS: Take the items to a donation facility by the END OF THE DAY.  A homeless shelter or one specifically for our dedicated Veterans, who deserve some extra help. It lets them know that their service is much appreciated and their sacrifice will never be forgotten... a true Veteran's blessing.

UNDECIDED:  Items should be boxed & dated. If you can’t decide in 3 months, donate them without opening the box!

FOR OTHER ROOMS: Take the items to their appropriate rooms, but you don’t have to put them away yet. You’ll be de-cluttering this room later.

ITEMS LEFT FOR THAT ROOM:  Put them away, look back at your handiwork and leave the room – de-cluttered!

2) JOURNAL: At some point this month, try writing down your goals for the coming months; list the things that cause you the most stress; and the things that you are grateful for.  This too can be quite cathartic. Much like purging your physical surroundings, by removing your stressful thoughts from your mind and putting them onto paper, you free yourself up to focus on the positive things in your life.  If you do this periodically, you may be surprised to see how focused you’ve become, and how much you’ve accomplished.

3) ORGANIZE YOUR CALENDAR: Make time to sit quietly with a cup of coffee, a mug of your favorite tea, or a glass of fine wine. Get your new calendar out and start marking EVERY BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, GRADUATION, WEDDING, HOUSE-WARMING, BAPTISM and any other milestone & holiday you’ll need to buy cards or gifts for each month. Follow through with 1) My Graduation Blessing Gifts for sale, perfect for the young graduate who could use your love and encouragement as they embark on their new journey. 2) My sister recently got married, and we gave her one of my Unique Framed Wedding Blessing Gifts, which ended up being read as part of her ceremony! I had 3 weddings this year and was able to get all three unique wedding gifts at once and ahead of schedule.  So, get your tissues ready as you read the tender words of love, joy and encouragement each of our cards express. Giving gifts that mean something special, with personalized messages and a variety of beautiful background art are more than simple gifts, they’re blessings. Knowing that 10% of each gift you purchase goes directly to children battling cancer, makes you a blessing too! You can get what you need for each month and have them ready to send or have me send them right to the recipients for you!  You never have to leave the comfort of your home to shop, and your gifts are processed and on their way within 24 hours.

Now that’s what I call getting organized in 2019!

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Barbara MacAdam
Barbara MacAdam

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