Spring Into the Season With Gifts From Purple Wishing Gate

by Barbara MacAdam May 07, 2018 2 min read

Springtime is Here

Spring and early summer is a busy time for all of us. We’re juggling Mother’s and Father’s Day, graduations, birthdays, Memorial Day, weddings, retirements, the end of the school year, and many other milestones. When there are so many events to keep track of, it can be difficult to find a personal gift for everyone celebrating something this season.

While it’s simple to just purchase a card for a graduate or parent, you can get something with so much more meaning just as easily--and that’s a blessing from Purple Wishing Gate.

A Blessing for Every Occasion This Season

Blessing Gifts are poems written by our founder, Barbara D. MacAdam, that capture the sentiment of a special occasion or family member. Blessings have been designed for designated purposes, so each type of gift will be unique.

This season, as you look for a meaningful gift to purchase for a loved one, you can browse Purple Wishing Gate’s website for a carefully crafted poem that will touch a friend or family member. This gift, unlike the traditional card, can be hung up or placed in a wallet or envelope for recipients to read and find inspiration from for years to come.

Types of Blessings

Purple Wishing Gate offers blessings year-round for a variety of recipients; but as summer approaches, there are certain gifts that capture the events of the season. Just a few of the options for our more season-based blessing gifts include:

With all of these choices, you can find the perfect gift for almost any occasion this summer. Surprise your father on Father’s Day, impress your favorite graduate, send off a teacher, or remember the troops we lost with a memorial blessing gift for sale.

Each blessing gives you an option of sizes, framing, and even personalization. Blessings come in 8x10”, 5x7”, and a 2x3” pocket size that has a small charm included. The 8x10” blessing comes with optional framing and name customization.

This spring and summer find a gift to truly inspire and touch a loved one. Find a Purple Wishing Gate Blessing. And each time you purchase a blessing, 10% of your proceeds will go to children in need at AI Dupont Hospital.

To purchase a gift on Purple Wishing Gate or learn more about our selection, visit PurpleWishingGate.com or call 609-605-5880.

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Barbara MacAdam
Barbara MacAdam

Author/Artist and founder of Purple Wishing Gate

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