An Open Letter From Purple Wishing Gate Founder Barbara D MacAdam

by Barbara MacAdam March 26, 2018 2 min read

An Open Letter From Purple Wishing Gate Founder Barbara D MacAdam

Since Barbara D. MacAdam founded Purple Wishing Gate, the company has always been near and dear to her heart. In addition to creating unique Christian gifts for kids and adults, MacAdam uses this organization to give back to those who need it most.

MacAdam’s daughter, Bonnie Rose, passed away from cancer when she was 12 years old. Since then, MacAdam has dedicated herself to inspiring others with hopeful messages and providing children who are suffering from cancer with the resources they need to feel happy and healthy. And that’s how Purple Wishing Gate came to be.

Today, Purple Wishing Gate is a company that distributes motivational blessings to customers throughout the world. They are all crafted and written by MacAdam to be given to family members and friends. There are different blessings designed for specific family members, occasions, and purposes.

While these gifts help people realize the love that their family and God have for them, each purchase also helps children with cancer. Each year, MacAdam thinks of a different way to help a childhood cancer organization through her business.

Barbara’s 2018 Mission

10% of all Purple Wishing Gate proceeds go to a charity that helps fight childhood cancer every year. This year, Barbara MacAdam and customers like you decided on the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Delaware. And to give back a little extra, she’s sweetening the deal. Watch now to learn more:

As you can see, Barbara MacAdam has a deep personal connection to the CCCFD, which helped improve her daughter’s time while she stayed at the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children. They provide resources like extra TVs to help kids in the Oncology Ward interact with each other and have fun during their time in the hospital.

She decided to go the extra mile and donate $1 (up to $1,000) to the foundation for every new like she gets on her Facebook page this year. But she needs your help to get there.

Your Mission

To help Barbara MacAdam donate as much money as possible to the CCCFD, you can spread the word to get more likes on the Purple Wishing Gate Facebook page. Every “like” counts and every penny goes right to the children.

By purchasing  baptism blessings for a baby, wedding blessings for a couple, and other gifts from Purple Wishing Gate, you could be making a huge difference. And with every “like,” you can help improve a child’s life even further.

So, in the words of Barbara D. MacAdam, “Be a blessing. Give a Purple Wishing Gate blessing.” Visit the  Purple Wishing Gate Facebook page or purchase a gift at to give back today. Call 609-605-5880 for more information.

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Barbara MacAdam
Barbara MacAdam

Author/Artist and founder of Purple Wishing Gate

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