PWG Founder Barbara D. MacAdam donates Christmas Gifts to Children with Cancer!

by Barbara MacAdam December 12, 2019 4 min read

PWG Donates Gifts to Children With Cancer for Christmas

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner again, and for most, this is a magical time of year. However, for families struggling to keep the faith as their child battles cancer, this holiday season can feel overwhelming, so we’re doing something about it.  Want to help?  We are once again, coordinating our LIKE US ON FACEBOOK campaign with our Christmas Gift donations, and all we ask is that you spread the word to help us reach our goal of 5,000 likes by Christmas!

This Christmas, will be purchasing $25 Visa Gift Cards for every child living on the Pediatric Oncology Ward, and all those treating at the chemo out-patient clinic at the A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE!  

PWG is partnering with a beautiful group of people, who call themselves the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation of Delaware (CCCFD).  This small, but passionate group of parents, doctors, social workers, nurses and friends play a very personal role in making the lives of the children at Dupont brighter as they go through their treatments.  Weekly hands-on balloon and pizza parties may not seem like a big deal, but for a child living away from home, these events become everything.  The volunteers give their time and energy spreading joy to the children and give the parents and family members a much-needed break.  They donate money for food, clothing and lodging that may not be covered under insurance, and they even sponsor programs for siblings, the often-forgotten little soldiers in this battle for life.

My daughter, Bonnie Rose treated at Dupont for over a year before being sent to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NY City.  We experienced the kindness, compassion and generosity of the CCCFD during Bonnie’s treatment, but sadly, she passed away that next year, shortly before Christmas.  Now we want to give back. I vividly remember that Bonnie wanted to “SHOP” for Christmas gifts more than anything – more than receiving gifts.  She insisted that this made her “feel normal,” and so too can the children use their $25 gift card for a loved-one or themselves.

I was recently told that one of Bonnie’s Social Workers is retiring, and that she still speaks fondly of Bonnie and our family, especially at Christmas. I was reminded that I had given her an ornament with Bonnie’s picture on it, and she faithfully hangs it on her Christmas tree each year to honor Bonnie’s wish to “never be forgotten.” This kind of dedication is more than a job, it’s a calling, and people like “Lee” are the inspiration behind my poem, “A Retirement Blessing.”   Finding meaningful retirement gifts for a friend or co-worker can be difficult today, especially at a time when “the bottom line” seems to be the most important goal to some. However, the things that come from the Divine are the most important things that we take with us when we leave a job. Finding a retirement gift for a nurse that speaks to the heart of the recipient is even more specialized, and has just what the doctor ordered! Knowing that our time spent on a job has made a lasting impact on others, is priceless!

Bonnie continues to be my inspiration as I write inspirational blessings for all occasions and give portions of all sales to charities helping children with cancer. That’s why spreading the word is so important… 10% of every order I receive goes to this wonderful cause.  There’s something for everyone at  Here are just a few of my Collections of Original Blessings for family and friends, that can be framed and personalized for Christmas:

  • Grandchildren
  • Niece and Nephew
  • Son and Daughter
  • Religious Gift Ideas for Her
  • Religious Gift Ideas for Him

Let’s not forget the yearly hunt for UNIQUE STOCKING STUFFERS – SECRET SANTA GIFTS and THAT LITTLE GIFT TO HAVE ON HAND FOR THAT SURPRISE GUEST… what could be better than a Purple Wishing Gate 2” x 3” laminated Pocket Blessing and Charm with a genuine crystal!  Our new packaging includes a Lavender bag and a “Just for You” gift tag.  Here are just a few:

Christmas brings with it a spirit of hope and joy, of goodness and peace on earth.  A child’s Christmas allows them to escape to a land of fantasy and celebration, a place we longingly carry with us into adulthood. It’s this child-like faith that I try to insert into the heartfelt words of my many blessing gifts. My hope is that you’ll find joy in giving meaningful Christmas gifts in the form of my 5x7, 8x10 or 2x3 inch blessings to a deserving recipient. There’s nothing quite like seeing tears of joy with hugs and kisses of gratitude. It satisfies a need, deep in our soul, to know that we’re responsible for bringing people joy and a sense of love and appreciation. This is what I try to achieve when I write my blessings from the heart. I believe that through these acts of kindness, you'll find the true Spirit of Christmas!

In closing, I’d like to thank you in advance to helping us spread the word of God’s love to the many deserving recipients through our FACEBOOK LIKES CAMPAIGN and our donations to the children at A.I. Dupont Hospital.  I pray Purple Wishing Gate helps you remember the true meaning of Christmas. And should you ever question just how much God loves you, remember that He started this gift-giving tradition with you in mind when Jesus was born on that first Christmas night!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Purple Wishing Gate… "where wishes made are turned to prayer, so God can keep them in His care!”

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Barbara MacAdam
Barbara MacAdam

Author/Artist and founder of Purple Wishing Gate

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